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New Products ! Ceramic coated piston rod

With a wide field application, hydraulic cylinders may suffer from corrosion and wear to different extents. Especially for, piston rod, the key part of cylinder which is often exposed in extremely high corrasionincluding corrosion, mechanical damage and wear etc.working conditions. Therefore significant surface treatment of piston rod is needed for multiple applications.

To improve the life time of cylinders, and to realize a surface treatment technique which has better capability in resistant of corrosion and wear, Century States Hydraulics has created her power of innovation, and now procure the technology and production of ceramic coating!!a surface treatment based on special technique and control process, which do highly improve durability of cylinders and contribute to environment protection also.

The special ceramic coated layer may apply to all the standard/customer-made non-standard hydraulic cylinders of our Century States Hydraulics.

Technical features:

  • High corrosion resistance
  • Anti-wear
  • Impact resistance
  • Long life
  • Multiple choice of coating materials
  • Friendly to environment